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8 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Fuel Costs

8 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Fuel Costs

Gain four valuable tips for saving money on fuel costs, a practice that is increasingly important as global fuel prices continue to soar. Gas and diesel fuel prices are generally more volatile than other commodities. This is especially true now

Fuel costs alone account for nearly one-third of a carrier’s operating costs on average. So it’s clear that saving on fuel costs is a huge benefit to a carrier’s bottom line

Beside switching to a completely electric powered fleet–which is prohibitively expensive for most small or medium trucking companies and has extensive delivery lead times–there is no way around buying fuel

However, finding small ways to save fuel can add up to significant savings pretty quickly.In this article, 8 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Fuel Costs for trucking companies


8 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Fuel Costs


Fuel cost calculator


Before finding ways to save fuel, you need to know exactly how much fuel you are using. This gives you a baseline figure for fuel costs that you can refer to

If you’re relatively new to trucking, fuel cost calculators are also a great way to quickly determine your fuel cost for a load, which will help you understand how profitable a load may be

You, or your drivers, need to take careful notes about distances driven and the amount of fuel pumped before and after trips. To calculate potential fuel cost savings, it’s better to calculate an average that fuel reducing tactics can be compared against

Once you’ve calculated your typical fuel costs, try implementing some of the tactics below and see how they affect your fuel costs. To identify which tactics are the most useful for your business, you may want to try one tactic at a time for a week or a month, and make notes of how your fuel costs change accordingly


Encourage fuel efficient driving practices


Vehicles burn the most fuel when they accelerate, so maintaining a steady speed is one of the best ways to reduce fuel use on the road. This can be achieved by encouraging drivers to adopt fuel-efficient driving habits

The heavier a load is, the more fuel is required to move it. Never exceed the permitted weight limit on your vehicles

Research shows that air conditioning can increase fuel consumption by up to 10%. At higher speeds, it’s better to keep the windows up and use the AC, because the added wind resistance actually increases fuel use


8 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Fuel Costs


Use low consumption tires


As the point of contact between the truck and the road, tires play a significant role in a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Regularly checking tire pressures is the simplest way to improve your tires’ performance

Under-inflated tires significantly increase rolling resistance, and they cause unnecessary wear on the tires themselves. pressures will create uneven weight distribution and wasteful fuel use

Also, when you need to buy tires, look into fuel-efficient types. As opposed to high-traction tires, fuel-efficient tires are designed to reduce rolling resistance while still providing enough traction for safe driving


Save fuel


Perhaps the easiest way to save fuel is simply not to burn it when you don’t need to. Idling, or leaving a truck’s engine on when the truck is parked, quickly adds up to a significant amount of fuel being burned

Reminding drivers to turn off their engines when they step out of their trucks, or creating a company policy to reduce idle times can add up to significant fuel cost savings


Gain savings with a fuel card


Fuel cards, essentially credit cards that work only at fueling stations, are used by most carriers as a convenient way to allow their drivers to fuel up without using their own funds, and to consolidate monthly fuel purchases into one or two payments. Many fuel cards also provide access to discounts on purchases, depending on the volume of fuel a carrier consumes

Fuel card holders also gain some added perks, such as discounts on tolls, and VAT and mineral oil tax return service

The added bonus of using sennder’s fuel cards is that they grant access to better rates than one would earn with a small or medium fleet of trucks


Track vehicle performance with Telematics


Telematics systems can gather important data on the performance of vehicles and drivers in your fleet. Telematics solutions rely on both GPS and telecommunications technology to collect and relay relevant information

Beyond GPS location tracking, which specifically shows where a vehicle is at a certain time, telematic devices can also collect information about speed, acceleration, braking, and idling. Also, you can use telematics to remotely monitor your vehicle, collecting fuel use or odometer readings, for example

.This kind of data helps you gain a more granular understanding of how fuel is being used in your transports

Some telematics systems can also notify you about maintenance schedules. Staying on top of oil changes and inspections ensures that your vehicles are running optimally, which amounts to fuel savings in the long term


8 Ways Trucking Companies Can Save on Fuel Costs


Improve route efficiency


It is perhaps too obvious to point out that driving shorter distances generally requires less fuel. However, optimizing route efficiency is not only about finding the shortest line between your pick-up and drop-off locations

But another factor to consider is time, and more specifically, traffic. Driving a short route with heavy traffic will likely use more fuel than a slightly longer route with less traffic. If you have the flexibility to do so, consider the optimal times to send your vehicles on certain lanes


Switch to electric vehicles


Of course, today’s electric cargo trucks are expensive, which could make them cost prohibitive for smaller trucking companies. But that steep cost up front is offset in time by the fuel savings that you earn on every load that your electric truck carries

To see if buying a new EV makes sense for you, run a cost analysis comparing the initial cost of an EV truck versus the cost of running a diesel truck. Try comparing the numbers over a couple different timelines, such as five years or ten years


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