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What is the International Standard Banking ?

What is the International Standard Banking ?

What is hooding?

Cranberry or capotage is a process that is usually related to intra-border trade. In this way, cabotage means the transfer of goods from the customs of one country to another customs in the same country by various methods such as road, rail and sea. Of course, be aware that the transportation of goods inside the country from one point to another point may also have to leave the border due to shortening the distance or economic savings, which is also called cabotage. Also, the transportation of postal packages, goods or passengers between the destination or origin of a country is called air cabotage. In this way, after buying from China or any other country, you may have to use different types of cabotage to deliver your goods to the destination, which we will discuss below.

How is capotage in the shipping business?

If the cargoes are transferred to the free zones through the sea or river for use in that area, the provisions of border crossing are included, which is called maritime cabotage. In fact, the transfer of goods from one point to another point inside the country by means of rivers and inland seas is called capotage. Cabotage is especially common in countries that share a common water border with each other. Note that hooded goods include customs fees at the time of entering the free zones. But the point that a commercial company should pay attention to is that there is no need to pay commercial interest and customs duties for hooded goods.

How is marine capotage done?

These operations are mostly carried out in the form of cargo handling, passenger transportation, direct operations on the beaches related to warehouse and customs. Cranberry or marine capotage is one of the most common terms in the field of marine transportation, which has different types. In this way, before shipping cargo from China, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with important shipping terms.

Getting to know the hood declaration

Maybe you also need a brief familiarization with the use of the hood sheet when clearing the goods from China and trying to move them. In this declaration, detailed information and details of the value of the goods, the weight of the cargo, the type of packaging, the number of loads, as well as the route the goods must travel and the name of the customs office of destination are mentioned. After the capotage sheet or declaration is submitted to the customs, the stage of evaluation and examination of the goods begins. At this stage, the customs is responsible for evaluating and examining your goods, as well as matching the specifications of the goods with the information stated in the declaration.

Which goods can be hooded?

Goods for which there is no export ban can be transported as cabotage, taking into account the relevant laws. But for kapotage items whose export is prohibited, you must do this under special conditions and with a commitment from customs.

Be aware that the permit for capotage of the goods to be transferred to the destination customs must be valid. If three months have passed since the validity of the permit and the goods have not arrived at the destination customs, your cargo or goods will be registered as a cargo that has not arrived at the destination. In this case, according to the regulations, the hooded goods have not reached their destination, if your shipment is allowed; its export license has been issued and if the hooded product is prohibited; It is considered a smuggled cargo.

In which customs are the capotage procedures performed?

Maybe before placing the product order, this question about the capotage ceremony has occurred to you; In response, we can say that Iranian customs announces the list of authorized customs to perform capotage procedures through different methods such as publishing an advertisement. Cranberry goods leaving the country and re-entering it are allowed only in situations where there is a customs office and the necessary permits are available from the relevant customs office to carry out capotage procedures. In addition to the list announced by the Iranian customs, sometimes it is possible to carry the goods in the form of border crossing or capotage procedures in the rest of the customs. But this permission is only issued by the General Customs Department after the necessary investigation and follow-up.

What is the capotage of prohibited goods?

As we have mentioned, any product that is allowed to be exported from the country can be transferred as capotage according to the said regulations. However, if the selected product is prohibited for export and there is no permission to export it from the country, you cannot capotage it. Unless he has obtained special permits from the General Administration of Customs in special circumstances. In the following, we will introduce you more to the conditions of hooded products.

Terms and conditions of hooded goods

According to the rules and regulations, the customs determines which goods can be transported in the form of cabotage to the destination. Among the conditions and regulations of hooded goods, the following can be mentioned:

You must carry the cabotage sheet in all stages of cargo transportation, and you are not allowed to remove the cargo from the specified and authorized route.
It is necessary that the hooded goods reach the destination customs within the time frame specified by the customs of origin. Determining this time is based on different seasons of the year, the condition of the route and the method of cargo transportation. Keep in mind that if the hooded product does not reach the destination at the announced time; You will be fined by the customs chief.
If an accident happens along the way and your cargo does not reach the destination in the specified time. In this case, you must apply for an extension of the announced time and inform the customs about the reasons for the delay and the cause of the accident. In this case, the customs office of the destination can extend the time by checking the conditions as well as the specified time and the reason for the delay. If you apply for an extension before the end of the specified period, you will no longer have to pay fines and damages

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