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What is capotage or (cranberry)?!

What is capotage or (cranberry)?!

, missing in the warehouse or employee fraud. If inventory management is done effectively, waste and loss of goods are prevented, thus a significant advantage is obtained.

Save money

Goods and materials that have been stored in the warehouse for a long time or that are expired, worn out and damaged must be destroyed; Because they are not suitable to meet business needs. But if the inventory is checked continuously and carefully, such unnecessary waste will not happen. The cost of storage is usually not a fixed amount, and depending on the size and quantity of the goods you store, as well as products that are too bulky and have a lot of stock, more advanced equipment should be used, which increases the cost.

There are other costs such as workers, water, electricity, etc. that increase the cost of maintenance. In this way, there is a need to identify and manage goods with high storage costs or high inventory.

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