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What is a customs clearance?

What is a customs clearance?

A customs bill is actually a document that is used to remove goods from customs without registering the goods order. If the imported goods are not among the commercial goods in terms of value and quantity and have been imported to the country only for use in manufacturing factories, laboratory and research institutes, this cargo can be cleared from the customs.

In this way, one of the fastest ways to get the cargo out of the customs is the clearance of the goods with a label, which takes place right after obtaining the necessary permits and the warehouse bill. So, if you intend to clear your goods after buying from China, you can do this by doing customs and getting the necessary permits in just a few hours and quickly provide it to the customer.

In general, this permit is considered a document that can be used to clear goods with low weight and value, and it causes the cargo to be transferred to the production workshop or factory faster by speeding up the customs formalities. According to Iranian laws, this method can be used for goods weighing up to 500 kg and worth a thousand dollars. In some circumstances, passengers can also check out their goods using this method.

Goods that are cleared by customs

Shipments that do not have a commercial aspect in terms of weight, volume, number and value, and their entry into the country is an example, you can use a customs label to clear it. Also, the permit issued for the departure of passenger cargo with a certain financial limit is the same as the peta.

This method of clearing goods from China is especially suitable for the owners of products that do not have a high commercial value and price and are imported to the country for consumption in production workshops. These people can take the necessary measures to obtain the necessary permits for the clearance of goods with a non-commercial label upon the recognition of the customs organization. Note that because they are recognized as non-commercial at customs, there is no need for a commercial card and declaration.

Ordinary persons can perform the clearance of goods without having a commercial card, if the goods are prohibited and not commercial, imported goods with a value of less than 1000 dollars and a maximum of 2000 dollars for manufacturing companies and knowledge institutions. It is also possible to clear up to $20,000 for car spare parts using this license without placing an order.

The value and volume of the goods for clearance

If you want to use this method for imports from China, note that there is no specific maximum value. Consider Pate as a type of customs license that has more concise information than the declaration and is somehow integrated with it. Article 40 of the customs laws says that gift goods, souvenirs and commercial samples can be cleared quickly in this way.

With the customs assessment, the ceiling of the exportable value is determined and it usually depends on factors such as customs assessments and time. Sometimes, it is possible to clear the goods with patte for commercial samples and goods with a value of more than 200 dollars; As such, it is entirely at the discretion of the customs authority.

How is the customs bill issued?

When the cargo arrives at the customs office, a letter with its attachment must be delivered to the relevant office along with the receipt of the goods receipt, and the necessary instructions for the goods to be released from the customs office must be followed. After paying the customs fees, such as import duties, salaries, and finishing the formalities and customs procedures, you will be referred to the department manager so that the goods exit process starts and ends with his approval.

After submitting the necessary documents, paying the fees, going to the responsible office and getting confirmation, the goods are handed over to the customs inspectors for evaluation, and after confirming the correctness of the information and the type of goods, the cargo can be loaded using the transport equipment located at the customs. Transfer to the desired destination. If there is a problem in any of these steps, count on the business advice of our team.

Customs declaration

As mentioned, if you want to use a customs label to clear your goods, there is no need to prepare a declaration, receive a cottage number, and register a product order. Cottage means a unique number that is given to every product after registering a declaration in the EPL system, and the product will be identified by the customs officers with this identification code. In addition, in this case, the clearance of the goods is done very quickly and within one or two working days, and if the clearance person or a knowledgeable person is present in the process, the operation time will be reduced.

Benefits of clearance with Pate

Registration of customs declaration is practical and appropriate for the trading company or the owner of the goods in various aspects. Using this method, you can get the goods out of the customs with quick clearance and it is less difficult compared to the green leaf. If the customs organization determines that the goods are non-commercial, you can take the necessary steps and release your cargo by obtaining a permit to exit the customs.

Due to the fact that in recent years, most of the formalities and customs affairs are done online and without the need to visit in person, the request for address is one of the other things that is done online today. In such a situation, the owner of the goods can request the customs declaration in the shortest time and easily. To receive an inquiry, you only need to register some information in the system to obtain the relevant license without any worries.

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